Monday, August 12, 2013

Missing A Lot

Last weekend I had to miss my cousin's wedding.

One of the many joys of living so far away from home. Not only did I have to miss the wedding, but the months before of helping plan, make things, and just sitting around talking about the wedding and marriage in general.

I'm pretty close to my cousins.

So missing the wedding last week was... hard to say the least. And we had originally planned on going, since Simon was meant to be three months old by that time (travel at that age meant we didn't have to pack any food for him, since I carry it all all the time anyway! And he's still fairly travel-sized, too). Unfortunately, our little monster child decided to come two weeks late, which meant applying for his passport two weeks later, and all other government paperwork was put in two weeks later than we'd "planned" on.

(Side note, who knew you couldn't really plan with babies, hu? Note my sarcasm, I was/am well aware of how little you can fully plan on with children)

So, instead of being able to watch my cousin walk down the isle and celebrate with family I haven't seen in two years (nearly to the day, actually), I looked at pictures of a princess-like bride on Facebook and cried with Simon (though Simon was crying because he was over-tired, not because of the wedding).

It just drove further home the fact that living so far from family and loved ones means that I will miss out on a lot of big and important moments, both happy and sad. And that they have to miss out on a lot of mine, too. As well as the fact that it has now been two years since I have been home.