Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Mini) Ocean Views

Last Friday our area (the Devenport Area, I guess?) had a holiday for the Devenport Show. From the descriptions I got from different people, it kind of sounded like one of those carnivals from back home that drive around and you only take little kids to because you can't afford/don't want to go to an actual theme park. You know, the carney kind, with all the spiny rides, games that are near impossible to win, and lots and lots of junk food. The kind people joke about being death traps.

We never went, so all I can rely on until next year are my own impressions, so I could be mistaken. It could be quite an awesome experience.

But, instead of paying to go, we did grocery shopping and went to the beach instead. We got there just as the tide was going out, so we found plenty of fresh tide pools, the best being a massive one (a very big area then connected to several smaller pools by small "streams") absolutely full of star fish.

Yes, I would pick some out for a nicer photo, then gently place them back right where I'd found them

The pools also held some beautifully colored sponges, too

I found a sea urchin! My husband was quite surprised, and said it's hard to find them in these pools

Looking inside a tide pool. At least 4 different sea stars, plus the urchin

Phillip likes to flip rocks. The bigger the better. This one was quite a nice find of tens of crabs (though they scurry away fast), 4-legged star fish, a live abalone, sponges, and some things I don't yet know the name of

Yes! It DOES have 9 legs! And yes, I touched it! It was BOOKING it across the pool!

5-legged sea star

Hello Mr. Crab hiding in your little hole

We collected more things to put in my jars at home. Didn't take home this dried up dead Wobbegong, though

I have no idea.... some sort of sea weed perhaps?

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