Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

Food here can be different. For instance, since Thanksgiving isn't celebrated, it was hard for us to find a turkey. We almost just gave in and got a chicken to roast (which would probably be easier and just as tasty, or tastier if you don't particularly like turkey). But someone pointed us to a frozen foods store, that just happened to have whole frozen turkeys.

We bought one far too large for just the two of us, and plan on having tons of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers to share with visitors. And ourselves.

Pumpkin was another hard thing to find. PUMPKINS are easy. It's just a regular vegetable here. Like carrots. You buy them whole and cut them up and cook them however you want here. CANNED pumpkin though, I have not seen. Not has anyone we've asked about it. So, I roasted, scooped, and mashed my own pumpkin. Well, half of one, anyway. The pumpkins here are different to what you'd get in the States, too. Not the nice big (or small) round orange ones. Mostly the gray ones. So, different flavor (sweeter, I think).

Pie is my favorite. Especially pumpkin pie. I usually start making it in October, so this year I've felt somewhat deprived. No longer....
Cut n' gut. Need to use a different knife next time so I don't fear for my fingers.

Before. Gray peachy color and hard.
Apparently the longest way to roast... in the oven with some water. But it smells soooooo goooood.

After. Brown and mushy

Falling apart and HOT.

Half a pumpkin=3 jars (former 3 Brothers Spaghetti sauce)
The chickens and ducklings enjoyed the left-over skin and mush quite a bit.

Next day, pie making! Nice creamy light orange goodness.

Spicy goodness (photo is supposed to be horizontal. Blogger has failed me)

Finished pie to go into our bellies tomorrow. Home-made crust., Maybe it's snobbish of me, but store-bought tastes terrible by comparison so I pretty much always just make my own.

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  1. When Scot first moved here, he really missed his mothers cooking. They had different food there than we had here in the south. I tried to make some of it, but I'm pretty sure it did not taste the same. I know it's hard to be away from family and friends and I know they miss you too!