Monday, November 7, 2011

Yellow Surprise

**Please see Correction**
We started to help split more wood today. It involved a lot of moving logs around that have been sitting around since the working bee.

Plenty of time for those in the back of the property in the shade and grass to collect all sorts of grubs and things.

Like these little lovelies.

I think they're leeches. I'm almost positive they are, in fact, and have been told that they are leeches. Poisonous ones at that (but it's Australia, land of everything-has-some-sort-of-venom-or-a-pouch).

I've searched and searched and searched though, and can't find anything on poisonous leeches. So I don't know if they really are or not.

At the very least, they're shudder-inducing. And when they stick on you, they're gooey and REALLY don't want to come off. Flicking them off leaves a lovely little patch that needs to be scrubbed off the same way you would tree sap. And the leech goo doesn't come off your clothes easily, either.

Oh, and these leeches live on LAND. In moist dark places. Which is why we're finding them
under every single log we move. Apparently during heavy rain, you really need to watch yourself if you go walking through the grass because they start "swimming" through it.

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