Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heavy Machinery, Heavy Lifting

On various days of splitting wood at the in-laws...

The boys lifting the biggest log they could at the time to test the new log splitter

Laughing at the crrrracking of the enormous log finally splitting. The log splitter has some POWER. Using a block splitter (a type of ax-thing for those of you like me who don't know what that is), you would just bounce off this thing.

Beginning to stack the wood that was split the night before. And trying to catch up to what was being done this day. All up, I think in one and a half days (maybe 9 hours all up) we got 8 meters split and stacked. No photo of that as it's still a work in process and by the end of this day, I was too tired to think of taking a photo of what we'd gotten done.

Still early in the day, working on the pile from the day before.

I learned how to drive the tractor! No tipping, only got stuck once, and stalled it three times. Drove for about an hour. My father-in-law jokes that they're making me into a redneck. No... not so much...


  1. I love to drive tractors, although my dad still thinks I'm going to wreck it. He's very attached to his tractor. I've also used a wood splitter, and those things are fun but can be dangerous. It sounds like you are trying all new things! My car is a straight shift. I hate driving automatics.

  2. Does this mean I'm a redneck??? lol.

  3. Hahaha! No! Only if you have something in your lawn up on bricks. Or a burnt out car in there somewhere.