Tuesday, November 8, 2011


In my last post, Yellow Surprise, I wrote that what was pictured was a leech. A poisonous leech.

I was mistaken.

After hours (or hour) of looking through Google using every possible search phrase I could think of yesterday, I gave up and went with what I was told. Frustrated by the lack of information on poisonous leeches (the bites CAN get infected, but by no fault of the leech), I brought my husband in on the search today. We finally stumbled on something about worms in a photo someone posted on "Real Tasmania", but still didn't identify it, even in the comments. But we went with the worm thing and Googled "yellow worm".

Then we found this article. Scroll down to page 44 and there you have a photo of my "leeches".

It's a little canary worm. A friendly little flatworm, similar to the kind we used in 6th grade to examine regeneration when they were cut in half, and DNA and stuff. Other than other people's photos on the thing though, I can't find any other information on the canary worm.

Oh well, mistakes happen, and learning all these bits and pieces and separating fact from fiction comes with the territory of moving to a new place.

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