Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot DOG!

Chicago is the land of people who fight over food that makes you fat, and where the best of it is.

And for good reason. Chicago has some pretty fantastic hot dog and pizza places. Just THINKING about it makes my belly rumble with hunger and my mouth water.

Australia is known more for it's deadly animals, crazy awesome iconic people (Steve Irwin, anybody?), and ridiculous animals. When I asked, most people didn't even know if there were hot dogs here.

Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods. Not that I indulged in them frequently back home, but I was quite fond of them, and would every other month or so, splurge on a trip to Portillos or one of the smaller places closer to home that had good dogs. Or just enjoy a pack of Nathan's or Hebrew National with the family. Here, you really have to search for hot dogs.

One place we've found them (but not yet tried) is "Donut King". Then, with much heavy searching, we started noticing a few packs of different brands here and there in two grocery stores. We've only managed to try one brand thus far.
We (more, I,) chose this because it says "American" Hot Dogs. I wanted to see if they tasted the same. It was pretty close to an Oscar Meyer. So, not terrible. And being the first one I've been able to eat in almost four months, it was absolutely delicious.
Going all "college student" cooking style, because I'm not a fan of boiled, and this is the closest thing we have to a grill.

We picnicked on the lawn, and were later joined by our ducks. And chickens. And a cat. Only the ducks were cute enough to merit a photo, though.

Hot dog buns were the harder thing to find. The things marketed as buns (that we found this time around, anyway) are thick and well, more suited for a sandwich, or sausages. We had to cut out a lot of the extra bread (though the chickens were happy with that).

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