Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Honey Farm

If anyone who reads this ever comes to Tasmania, you need to go here:

It doesn't look that impressive, but blame my terrible photo. Also, I love the mix of old and young bikers out the front eating their ice cream.

I'm not the worlds biggest fan of ice cream. In fact, I have to be in the right mood to actually enjoy ice cream. The stuff at The Honey Farm though, oh my goodness. It's the best I've ever had. I actually start to crave their ice cream after a few weeks of not having it. Or days....

Usually, we stick with the boysenberry ice cream. It was what was first recommended to me and it was amazing. Sweet, tangy, creamy... Oh so creamy... And the PERFECT blend of sweetness. And it coats your mouth perfectly with deliciousness and the fat of real milk and cream.

This time, we tried, on top of the boysenberry, Blue Gum (which, while it sounds like some psycadelicly colored disgusting flavored ice cream for children, is actually from a Blue Gum Tree. More specifically, the honey made from it.) and Leatherwood (also another type of tree). Since they make the ice cream from seasonal and natural ingredients, (or berries that were picked and frozen fresh) it's just amazingness on a cone.

Oh, and since it's "The Honey Farm", all the ice cream is made with honey. And so are the cones. It's just... too good. And while my husband can finish his off in less than 15 minutes (which, for him, is taking his time), I take over a half hour to savor every delicious morsel of cream and cone.

On top of fantastic home-made ice cream, they have so so many different kids of honey. Or honey-products. And these massive tasting tables with little jars full of all the honeys available: plain, mixed with fruit, creamed.... even some mixed with hot peppers that they have in a little warming station. It's just fantastic. And delicious.

And the family that owns and works The Honey Farm is just delightful.

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