Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Birdie Told Me

Little Indie (our not-so-small-anymore kitten) is starting to bring us home... gifts. His mamma (Asparagus) has brought us a rat and a baby rabbit before. Both of which are fine because they're pests here. She also brings us lots of skinks. Not good, because when she eats them, they make her sick. Plus, I'm tired of picking up wounded skinks and releasing them into our hot house. And I'm not happy with the cats killing native species either, but a cat is a cat and we knew this when we decided to keep the two of them.

The first thing Indie brought me was a Green Rosella. I chased him down and forced him to drop the poor thing. Thankfully, he's not yet realized how to properly catch things or kill them, so the poor bird flew off immediatly.

Then he brought us this little Silvereye.

Well, more brought it in the house, and Phillip noticed it, forced Indie to drop it, and asked me to pick up the poor stunned thing that was now sitting on our living room floor, missing most of its tail feathers.

I put it in the pocket of the fleece jacket I was wearing (it seemed to like that), mixed up some sugar water, and walked out to the chicken shed, and let it cling to the front of my jacket. Poor little bird must have been quite stunned, as it did nothing for about 7 minutes but sip a few drops of sugar water off my finger. It then seemed to suddenly realize where it was and what was going on because it took off quite suddenly.

Indie was punished and not allowed to go out the rest of the day.

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