Monday, March 12, 2012


Well, between getting ready for conference and then being horribly horribly sick, I've been a bit too preoccupied to blog up on our guest's adventures.

But anyway, Matt and Anthony's second day was spent at Marakoopa Cave, the lower tour that has you go past pretty pools and rock formations (but, because it's ending summer, the pools aren't really full).

Yes, you CAN take photos! If only you actually remembered the camera you borrowed when you went anywhere.

"David's Harp"

This might look solid and hard, but it's quite delicate sand and silt that is very easily disturbed by touch,

Granny with her gun (Don't remember if that's the actual name)


I was pretty much unable to take a nice photo of all three because of the darkness and goofiness

Stopped on the road at the not-as-cool wildlife park to take a photo with the giant Tassie Devil

At The Honey Farm! Boys weren't too impressed with the chili honeys, but seemed to really like the ice cream

Day after this we just gave the hall a good scrubbing to get ready for conference, and then went to the in-laws and had a really nice dinner.

Day after that though, the boys were horrendously sick. They missed the first evening of conference, unfortunately. They were fine the next day, but my husband and I spent that day trying not to turn inside out. 

Vomiting all night is NOT fun. We're praying that not everyone gets this. It seems to be making its way through the ranks, though. 


  1. Oh no!! Hope you're feeling better now! yeah, we had some stomach flu going around through our house recently, but it's especially horrible to be sick while you have guests and you're hosting a conference. :-( I trust the conference was encouraging for those there anyhow. The Lord is able and His "power is perfected in weakness". At any rate, once again I enjoyed your pics. That cave was awesome! How close is it to where you live? Lol, I like how Phillip and anthony were smiling nicely in that pic of the 3 guys and then Matt had this goofy and weirdly scary face in between them. Also, their faces tasting that chili honey are priceless! :-)

  2. We're all feeling better! MOther-in-law is now getting over the bug, and we're praying no one else gets it! I think nearly everyone did though... Marakoopa is about 25 minutes away from our house I think?

  3. Ha ha! Can't imagine boys being goofy! :)