Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ocean Time!

For the end of our conference (Monday, now two days ago) we went to the bluff out in Devenport for just some "hanging out" fellowship time, and so that the visitors could enjoy the beach.

Unfortunately, most of the time most people were there was during high tide. Fortunatly, it was beautiful, sunny, and the ocean just doesn't ever seem to look... bad. In fact, high tide means better waves most of the time, and it's still just absolutely beautiful. So while tide pools weren't really visible, it was still nice to be able to relax with everyone at the beach.

However, because of the violent eppisodes of vomiting that have been making their way through our little group, along with a lot of late nights and early-ish mornings, most people were just wiped, and went home after a few hours. Matt, Anthony, Phillip, Danella, and I decided to stick around some more since the tide was making it's way out.

So, YAY, we got to show Matt and Anthony some tide pool wonders! As well as bring back some nice photos, shells, and memories.

Woo! At the OCEAN!

After building two sandcastles, the boys (and kids, not pictured) threw rocks at the wall built to keep the water out. 

Let the splashing of Danella start!

Boys decided to take a dip in the cold water. Thankfully, you adjust pretty quick to the temperature and its LOADS of fun!

Danella and Matt looking in a tide pool

Matt made a friend! The crab sat on his finger for ages

Anthony and his starfish


  1. Looks like a beautiful day! Glad that whoever-it-was gave my brother & pal the tickets!!