Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Our guests are here! And have been for two days now. My cousin, and one of our friends, are here for nearly two weeks. Which, honestly, isn't much time when you go to Australia. But, it's what they can get off work for the moment, and what an anonymous gifter gifted them, so we've been praying we could make the most of their time.

Since we only have one car, and I'm still not very good at driving stick, or knowing my way around Tasmania (other then getting to Sheffield and Devenport), we really hoped he would have days off (or shorter work days) so we could take Matt and Anthony to fun touristy places. And, thankfully, Phillip has had the past two days off work! And has the rest of the week off (unpayed leave) for our Bible conference.

Of course, we did the most awesome things we could think of with these days off. Well, the most awesome and ACCESSIBLE things.

First day here (yesterday): Wings Wildlife Park. Where you can feed and pet kangaroos, wallabys, emus, and some animals no one cares about because you can find them anywhere (like rabbits and goats) (unless you're a kid, and then anything furry and with a tail is the most wonderful thing ever).

What was new this time we went (my husband and I were there almost two years ago, BEFORE we started dating, but during my first visit to Tasmania) was that you could pet young Tasmanian Devils! And KOALAS. I went all giddy at that information. And when we actually got to touch them.

King of the mountain!

Handler and an 11-month old Devil. We got to pet him on the back!

Matt feeding a kangaroo that did not want him to leave.

Baby joey having a feed

Matt feeding a Golden Pademelon. It also loved him. For his food.

We fed emus! One giant snap for the first mouthful, then they're as gentle as chickens picking up the rest from your hand

Matt petting the koala
"I want a blanket made out of something that feels

like that."

Anthony entertaining the koalas

I got to pet them!!!

Matt and his little pademelon friend. It tried to follow him out of the enclosure!

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  1. These pics are too cool, Joy. Looks like y'all had a great time. the koalas are sooo cute!!! :-)