Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Liffey Falls Fail

Last weekend, Phillip and I, because of canceled plans and injured shoulders, ended up driving out to do the short hike to Liffey Falls to try and, well, see the falls.

This photo doesn't do the Big Tree justice.
It's just MASSIVE
This would be our second attempt. The first was during my visit here last January. We ended up taking the wrong trail and walking for hours on what looked like nothing more than some goat path. We saw some little waterfalls, and it was an undeniably beautiful walk. However, my knee problem flared up because of the roughness of the trail, and we went in prepared for an hour long easy walk, not a 5 hour long hike over fallen trees, rocks, and some, at times, rather slippery and steep terrain.

We were also distracted by a sign pointing to a "Big Tree" path, that led to, well, a big tree. A REALLY big tree.

Anyway, this time, we knew which path we were supposed to go on. So after a 30+ minute drive, we arrived at the park, started walking, and, of course, the main viewing platform was closed because it's being reconstructed.


But if I can't bring my firearms,
how will I defend myself from vicious raptors?
Attempt number two failed....We still haven't seen Liffey Falls.

Oh well. The walk was still pretty. Especially if you like scenes from Jurassic Park. Or pretending you're in Lord of the Rings....

Opportunities like this make me wish I had a better lense

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