Sunday, October 2, 2011

...With a Twist...

My brother and sister-in law(s?) just got back from their trip to the U.S. And, among other things, raved about a restaurant where you could get lots of Mexican food really cheap and it was really really good.

Taco Bell.

Ok, yes, Taco Bell has good food, for a decent price. But personally, I can't eat it that often or I start getting a kind of sick feeling in from not eating real food (though when the Bell craving hits, sometimes you just gotta give in).

But my young sister-in-law asked if I new what quesadillas where, because they were "REALLY GOOD!"

Of course I know what they are. My brother went through some random phase where he made quesadillas nearly every day, and, you know, I kind of grew up surrounded by cheap and delicious Americanized Mexican food. (Ok, starting to drool right about now...)

I said they were really easy to make if they ever wanted to have them again, since all the fixings (tortillas and cheese if you don't feel like being exciting) are easily found in the grocery store we all frequent. (Though they only call small tortillas tortillas and the bigger ones are called wraps.)

And Mexican food is kind of hard to find here. I think. We don't eat out much and my husband and his family never did before I got here, either. So no one I know has a really good grasp of what is actually around.

So they told me the other night, when we went over to watch Shrek 3 that my sister-in-law had made quesadillas. I asked what she'd put in them, and she said:

Cheese, ham, and spring onion (aka green onion, scallion). In the little tortillas, of course.

And there we have the Australian adaptation of the quesadilla.

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