Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm (not so much) Lovin' It

Every place and culture has their own slang.

Some of the stuff here in Tassie drives me absolutely bonkers.

For instance:

Minute= mini
Second= seci
Breakfast= Brekkie
McDonalds= Maccas

My spelling on those might be wrong. It's kind of hard to check as some slang is really regional. The last two though, I have seen on billboards.

I wanted to punch them.

Yes, the English language is FULL of it's own slang. Things like cool, sweet, neat, yeah, hot, peeps, and a whole plethora of others. (I WILL NOT count text speech as slang as that is too idiotic to be counted as much of anything other than a complete lack of trying at life). And yes, some English slang drives me up the wall. But if I hear anyone else say that, "We'll have brekkie in a seci" my head might implode.

Other slang here quite cracks me up. Here's a brief dictionary of some of it my husband sent me ages ago, when we were joking about me having to learn a new language to come here. Like I said though, the slang is somewhat regional (and, like any language, constantly changing and being added and subtracted from, depending on what's "in"), but it's pretty funny/fun to go through. Ignore the rainbows and poor font color choice.... Aussie Lingo

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