Saturday, September 24, 2011


The scorpions are making their way into the house. In two days there have been four and a half. That we've been able to find, anyway.

How the half, you ask? I'm pretty sure that when a friend/my husbands boss was helping to deliver our new free desk, he tracked one in and stomped it to death because I found it's squishy remains in his wake.

The other four:
One was found in the kitchen while I was sweeping. Barefoot.

Another two were found in one of the spare bedrooms. One was dead, the other kind of drunk-acting and I almost stepped on it.
The last one was found today, in the kitchen again, by my husband who announced, "I've found one of your friends!".

Thanks, dear.

The Baygon spray makes them kind of drunk, because it's slowly killing them. This last one was quite lively, however.

I prefer the scorpions to spiders, though, because they just seem a lot less sneaky about trying to hurt/kill you. Not that I'm in any kind of hurry to let one get me, but scorpions at least get all defensive and wave their pincers around trying to scare you and look all fierce (because the whole "I'm a scorpion" doesn't deter me enough) rather than just go off and sting you. Spiders though, they're nasty little beasts. Sneaky and horrible.

I actually talked to a friend who has lived in Arizona for a while now, and she's never had ANY scorpions. As far as I know, my relatives who live there haven't had this many either, and they've lived there for years.

And if you're wondering, "Why the new desk? why was it free?" It's because someone my husband was moving was going to throw it out, so he asked if we could have it instead. And this is what we've been using as a desk since we got the computer set up.

The "new" desk is cheaply made, particle board and laminate, and we've spent all of $25 to sand and refinish it so it doesn't look all terrible.

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