Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hippity Hopp- BANG!

The kangaroo is Australia's national animal.

A wallaby is very similar to a kangaroo. In fact, most people who aren't from here probably would just think they're small kangaroos. And I've even heard residents interchange the name.

Down here in Tasmania, the wallabies are about as prolific as rabbits. In fact, I've seen more wallaby road kill than I have rabbits. And they eat everything. You can't have a garden without fencing it off or the wallabies will eat it all. And apparently they eat up pasture land that is much needed for all the beef and dairy cows here.

So, I've been told, you can pretty much go out in the bush any time of the year, day or night, and shoot as many of the little (or sometimes somewhat large) beasts as you want. My brother-in-law (the one who loves to shoot/hunt) has gone out and gotten up to one-hundred in one night. And I've seen photos of his pick-up (or "ute") full of 30+ dead wallabies.

And of course, you can eat them.

I've seen kangaroo steaks (on the mainland, the kangaroos numbers are becoming a bit of a problem as well) for about $23AUD for a rather tiny steak. And, like I said, a wallaby is a lot like a kangaroo.

And it tastes pretty good. I've been begging my brother-in-law to go out and get us a big one, so I can try my hand at cooking some wallaby stew or lasagne, and just to go with all the deer we now have stacked in our little freezer. You know, stock up on some wild game.

Yesterday, he got one.

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