Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot DOG: The sequel

Hot dog trial number two: Not as successful as number one.

WE went to a bulk frozen food place (side note: where we happened to find a massive container of Mission Salsa, so YAY!) and saw these. Trip number three, we finally picked up a package.

It says skinless, and with no artificial flavors. I have no idea what makes a good hot dog, only that I miss Nathan's and Portillos. 

Yes, cooking on the good ol' George Foreman again.

You can buy frankfurters and "savs" in the deli and butcher shops, and they're all pretty much this same bright red color. And yes, I'm already eating a hot dog, a tube of unknown cuts of meat, fillers, preservatives, and spices. Why complain about the color, because most hot dogs contain some sort of coloring agent anyway? 

These are.... really red.  
Mmmmm. RED.

And as you can see, the red doesn't go all the way through, so I'm thinking that means it sits in something instead of it being mixed into it. 

Really, when it comes down to it, I'm just being picky and silly. All in all, the color doesn't matter all that much. These hot dogs were nearly flavorless, and what flavor they did have was somewhat close to a GFS hot dog. But those taste better. 

But it was close enough to be enjoyed. And that pile of stuff in the background? It's a random bean salad I started making because we needed something more healthy with some meal a while back, and we had beans. And cheese. And raw apple cider vinegar and garlic and some other herbs. It's delicious. Our summer staple at the moment, since I'll randomly throw cucumber or broccoli, or dinosaur-shaped pasta into it. 

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