Thursday, January 12, 2012

CURRENT Events (haha, lame joke...)

Along with our large (smallish) plot of raspberry canes, we also have a nice large black current bush. Before I visited Australia, the only time I'd ever heard about currents was in books about Britishy things. Maybe this is because of my lack of getting out and seeing what's in the grocery store some times.

Anyway, currents, even when very ripe, don't taste very good. Rather more sour than I like, and a flavor that, while not unpleasing, doesn't make me reach for more. Black current jam, on the other hand, is pretty nice. 

So, with a somewhat early harvest of a little over a pound of currents (some picked a little to early because of my zeal and because our rooster seems to really enjoy eating them), I attempted jam with a new fruit. 

Turned out ok, and my husband really likes it, which is mostly what matters I guess. It's still rather sour, but sweetened with nearly a pound of sugar, not as bad as the original, uncooked fruit. I'm not perfectly happy with it, but it's still quite good.

Yup, pound o' berries with water in a pot, boiled for half an hour


Two full jars to store away, a little over half of one we dug into for dessert!

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