Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our one year anniversary is coming up

That was FAST. Today is, in fact, the 11-month mark. Not that we celebrate those month-marks, we just... note that they pass.

But yes, it's been nearly a year since we said "I do", which means it's one month more until I've been living Down Under.

To celebrate we're.... not entirely sure what we're going to do. Both our birthdays fall very close to our anniversary (Phillip's a few weeks before, mine a few days before) so we just decided to simplify things this year and combine gifts for both occasions. Which meant, in our minds, we could spend more on one nice gift that was really wanted/needed, rather than budget for both birthdays and an anniversary.

So Phillip got a Kindle (he's been envious of mine for quite some time) and I got a new camera (since mine was dying). Phillip seems quite taken with his Kindle, and is enjoying looking up free ministry books and turning them into PDFs to put onto his Kindle so he can read them in better form on it's nice e-ink screen instead of looking at the computer or printing out hundreds of pages (he got the Kindle Keyboard, not Kindle Fire, because other Kindles have a screen that is better for your eyes). My camera isn't anything super special. Just a Canon S95, enough like the G10 I loved so much, but compact. Still just a point-and-shoot, but with some pretty nice manual controls, and takes really good photos in low-light conditions (that's about all the playing around and getting used to it I've done as of yet). It's nice. It takes quality photos. And still fits in my pocket so I don't walk around looking like I'm pretending to be a professional photographer.

As for actual celebration, we'll probably end up holding a family and friends get-together for everyone on this side of the globe who didn't get to make it to the wedding. Play the video, go through photos, eat food, hope that our house somehow holds the 50-something people that are on the "invite" list (we have space, just not a lot of seats), that sort of thing.

As you can tell, were not extremely romantic. At least not with what a lot of people would look at as big gestures for important occasions. We have our moments, like pancake breakfasts every Saturday, Brinner (breakfast for dinner) nearly every weekend (when we're not able to do our pancake breakfasts for one reason for another, or just because I make some killer scrambled eggs), walks in the bush, indoor picnics, trips to the beach, or grocery shopping, second-hand shopping, or even just sitting on the floor in front of the fire talking about random stupid things, or really important things with a mug of Milo. No, we don't often do big gestures, but the little ones over the past 11 months have been quite wonderful.


  1. Milo is like hot coco, but made with malt and barley. It's pretty good, and you can drink it hot or cold.