Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vice: Coffee

Today, we actually went out for coffee.

I know, I know, not a big deal. But since our coffee press broke, for the second time, a month ago, we've been drinking nothing but instant. Now, it's good instant coffee, but it's still instant. That, and we really never go out anywhere to grab a drink or eat. And it seems like we've been almost unendingly busy for the past few weeks (visa work or familial obligation), unless we outright say, no, this <insert random day> is OURS and we will not work, we will not socialize. We will drag mattresses into the living room, the only warm room in the house, and lounge on them watching hours of Scrubs and eat food that is bad for us and talk.


There's no such thing as Starbucks here, or Caribou (I'm not really sorry about the Starbucks, their coffee is overrated and tastes like the burnt inside of a shoe...). So we ended up at a little (VERY little) place called Vice Coffee.

The smell alone made me feel like I'd fallen on a giant coffee cloud of awesome. It was homey and wonderful and warm. Phillip got a triple shot cappuccino, I ended up with a Vienna.

Most of the population ( at least, my admittedly small sampling) seems to mostly like instant coffee. Odd for me, especially since my dad actually roasts his own coffee, so I was kind of spoiled on that front, by really good, really fresh coffee. A "standard", I've been told, is one small teaspoon of instant coffee, 2 of sugar, and plenty of milk. We... do not do that.

End of story: Short dates and small, non-chain coffee places: Love.