Thursday, May 31, 2012

Donut King: Hot Dog

We tried another hot dog.

Donut King (which I mentioned in this post briefly once) is in a grocery store we never frequent, but will occasionally go to to use their toilets, or if we know of something that is on sale (other than that, we're creatures of habit and tend to shop only at one place for most stuff).

But we finally got the time (and on a NON holiday so they weren't closed) to try one of their dogs. They were about $5.50 apiece though, so, being cheap, we agreed to just split one, since we had no idea what they would even taste like (and neither of us tend towards eating much during the day, but eating TONS at night for dinner, and second dinner, so a whole hot dog would have been a large lunch).

I do love all the cheese pilled on top...
Anyway, we ended up getting the Aussie Dog (sans onions), because, well, mostly for this blog. And the other selections didn't look all that appetizing at the moment. I really was a typical Aussie thing (as far as my experiences go thus far): smothered in bacon, cheese, and some sort of sauce. In this case, a very sweet barbecue.

Bacon chunks.
It's not like strips of bacon or bacon crumbles
you can get on nearly everything in the States.
It was... a hot dog. Again. Nothing spectacular or even really note worthy, other than that the "bun" it was in was so light and fluffy I could have kept eating them. The dog itself was bland. Nearly flavorless in fact. Though that could have been because it was swimming in so much barbecue sauce you couldn't taste much else. Not BAD, just made us both miss a good ol' American hot dog. What made the craving worse was we came home to look through old photos and came upon some Phillip had taken when we went to Gene and Judes.

Not that I'm a hot dog snob and will throttle you if you put ketchup on it and skip the onions (because I will skip them myself and if I don't you'll see me hurl), but if you can, go to Gene and Judes. They're GOOD. I mean really good. Or Portillos. Just... do it.

I laughed for a few minutes at their slogan because my brain
stopped reading at "Life is a hole"

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