Monday, February 25, 2013

Pintrest Challenge

So, one of the Blogs I follow, Merrick's Art, posted a Pintrest challenge.

If you don't know what Pintrest is, I don't know whether to pity or praise you, because it is both a time wasting trap and wonderful source of inspiration and ideas. On my part, I claim (to my husband) that it is not a time waster, as it has brought forth many a delicious new meal, and a few house-cleaning tips (orange oil vinegar?  Best grease cleaner I have ever come across, AND it doesn't matter if it gets on food or dishes).

Anywho, this Pintrest challenge is to pick six pins and, over the next six weeks (though I'm a bit late in the game posting this, so I think it's down to five?) work on and complete said pins. Then report back on progress.

Now, of COURSE I need more to do, what with being super pregnant and having plenty of sewing, knitting, and freezer meal preparing. So... I might be cheating a little and chose some pins that I've been wanting to try for a while now ANYWAY, and sort of lined up with my nesting and baby prep. And I promise that I had these picked out last week, my lazy bum just doesn't get to posting things for ages because, well, lazy.

1. DIY Modern Nursing Shawl: I plan on breast feeding because, well, it's awesome. I don't feel like having friends, in-laws, or strangers see my breasts when the baby decides to thrash around and remove whatever cover I have. And things like Udder Covers and other nursing covers look like unattractive aprons and cost FAR more than I want to pay. This, is super cute looking.
2. Blackberry Peach Cobler: It's blackberry season again! And apricot season! (that's close enough to a peach, right?) Which means I pick plenty of one, and buy the other SUPER cheap, and need cooking ideas for them.
3. DVD Coloring Case: Friends of ours who have 9 children will be traveling to the mainland in May. Most of the kids are of an age that I think this might help on the long trip over, so I want to make at least a few for the older kiddos.
4. Fishing Net Decorated Jar: I have a few jars I want to spruce up cheap.
5. "Got Milk" Baby Hat: I've been wanting an excuse to make this for years. Even before Pintrest. 
6. Kanoko Baby Cardigan: Baby is coming to Australian winter, and I want to try my hand at making something more than a hat. 
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  1. Yes! to the nursing shawl. Best. thing. ever.

    DeAnn Simon