Friday, February 3, 2012

Snakes on a path!

Hmmm, tired of these stories yet?

I guess not, since my view count says more people are checking out this blog than before. Or the same five people are looking are it twenty-odd times a day.

Anyway, I was walking my mile-ish walk to the lovely large family to spend the afternoon with them, yet again. It's been rather cool the past week, compared to what it was last week and the week before. (By cooler, I mean in the 70's, instead of burn your eyes out and skin off heat). So, while I like to think I expect snakes every time I walk this particular walk, I thought that this cooler day had extra potential for snakes. The cooler temperature makes the gravel and black top seem extra tempting, I would think, if you're cold-blooded. 

And of course, as I was walking and thinking this, JUST behind me (as in, right where my feet had just left stepping) I hear the telltale loud long slithering through dead leaves. I looked behind me and saw this: 

Now, I was about 4 or 5 feet away from it, but the Tiger Snake (I'm guessing about 3ft long?) had only slithered down a small embankment into a drainage... area (not a drainage ditch but I don't know what else to call it). And then it just stayed there. Not moving. So, feeling slightly stupid, and thinking that I needed some of my own snake photos for this blog (instead of just stories where I see or hear them), I whipped my little camera out and, with a slightly shaking hand, zoomed in and snapped four photos that are nearly exactly the same. And then quickly walked away. 

While the daring photo nature loving side of me wishes I'd been able to get closer and get better and different photos, the more practical side of me would rather not risk being sick in the hospital for weeks or months from a snake bite. Or the chance of death.

But still.... kind of cool, right? It is a fairly pretty snake...

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