Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Change in Seasons

I've grown up within an hour and a half of Chicago, Illinois my whole life, 26 years.
I've now been married for a month and have been living in Tasmania, Australia, for a little over a week.
The differences between here and there are both huge and small. One of the bigger ones at this time being the total switch in climates. Back in Illinois, just as I'd left, we were in the middle of a massive heat wave. Temperatures in the 90's nearly consistently from morning to night, and just becoming more and more humid.
Nearly my ideal type of weather.
Hear on the other side of the world, though, it's nearing the end of winter. Or so I'm told. the last week of July we arrived was the coldest (or second coldest) July on record. It's remained steadily cold here.
Now cold is somewhat relative, I suppose. Because my body was used to 90-plus temperatures, everything under 80 feels cool to me. So the temperatures here, anywhere between 50-30 degrees farenheight, have felt cold.
But cold compared to a Chicago winter? No. It's not cold.
It's a bit odd sitting at my kitchen table looking outside over horse pasture (not ours) while waiting for the reverse-cycle air conditioner (aka "heat pump) struggle to heat up the little bit of house we don't have blocked off by heavy curtins and doors, and eating my version of hot apple crisp for breakfast with hot, hot coffee. In August. And having it feel very natural.
I, however, am still trying to stay warm and not complain too much about how chilly, gray, raniy, and dreary it is, while knowing back home it's still hot and sunny.

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